A glass half full attitude

Apparently, depression can be good for you, or so says this BBC article. But this quote is the best bit:

Everybody’s life is full of occasional misery and we are going to suffer. All life ends in grief, unless you are lucky and you and your loved ones all die simultaneously in some plane crash.

That’s certainly a different definition of “lucky” to one I’m familiar with.

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Is depression good for you?

Brain control headset for gamers

This story about a headset that will allow you to control computer games is fairly interesting, but I do hope that whoever’s writing the games has a better imagination than the spokesperson for the company: “If you laughed or felt happy after killing a character in a game then your virtual buddy could admonish you for being callous.” Just what you want: a computer character telling you off based on facial expression.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Brain control headset for gamers