Leyton Orient 1-1 West Ham

Martin Ling shakes hands with Alan Curbishley
Orient had the chance to test themselves against Premiership opposition in the form of a pre-season friendly against West Ham. The result was an excellent 1-1 draw with superb goals scored by Dean Ashton and Andy Boyd.

Orient actually played pretty well too and gave us something to hope for for the new season. There was some good passing and the starting eleven were pretty good at least. Being a friendly there were about a dozen substitutions on each side but the result is certainly a good one.

Apart from most of the players being different, the main change this season is that the team dugouts have moved to the West Stand, which means we’re a lot closer to them. The shot below shows Ann with Alan Curbishley in the background.

Martin Ling shakes hands with Alan Curbishley

Lockwood moves to Nottingham Forest

One of Leyton Orient’s best players, Matthew Lockwood, is to join Nottingham Forest. This is quite a big deal for the O’s and Lockwood was one of the best players over the past two seasons. It’s not entirely a surprise and I can only assume that Orient were paid a good price for him.

No-one can really blame Lockwood for making the move – it’s a good chance to serve out a couple of seasons with a club that may well be back in the Championship at the end of the season.

Lockwood – It Was The Most Difficult Decision Of My Life

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The Shepherd Epstein Hunter Architects Telegraph Fantasy Football results, 2006-2007

The Shepherd Epstein Hunter (SEH) Architects Fantasy Football league for 2006 to 2007 finished as below. We didn’t quite make it to 1st place in the end, finishing second (which I blame almost entirely on Ashley Cole). Still, given the distance we were behind in 4th place at Christmas I can’t complain that much, and I think this year we finished higher up in the national leaderboard than ever before (although I don’t think they give out prizes for coming 57972nd). Next year it’s going to be important to get a good start, though, given how close it seems to be at the end.

Well done to Keneche for winning, but we want our trophy back next year.

Pos Manager Team Week 40
Total Pts League Pos
1 Ms K Odogu RUN KENNY, RUN 24 1507 43760
2 Ms A Lakshmanan ANN’S SLACKERS 13 1482 57972
3 Mr E Louie BAIKIN’EL UNITED 18 1462 70307
4 Mr A Wong SUGAR PUFFS 10 1350 141579
5 Mr A Head WAY AHEAD 7 1262 182344
6 Miss V Dudzik CRAZY BLONDIES 17 1199 204052
7 * Mr G Georgion ]OVERPAID CRY BABIES 16 1178 210369
8 Ms D Walkier WALKERS WANDERERS 14 1173 211786
9 Ms C Easterbrook CAZZZA’S COWBOYS 7 1114 227308
10 Mr R Bennett TIPPED FOR THE TOP 12 1085 234126
11 Ms A Corsini ALE AND MAX 2 1035 244343
12 Ms N Luthra BOUBLA 5 638 267777
* denotes Chairman

Telegraph Fantasy Football

SEH Architects

Leyton Orient have no players

Goalkeeper Glyn Garner, defender Adam Tann, midfielders Craig Easton and Luke Guttridge, and striker Gary Alexander were given the chance to extend their spells at Brisbane Road, but they have opted to seek fresh challenges and will join John Mackie, Shane Tudor, Justin Miller, Donny Barnard, Derek Duncan and Phil Mulryne in leaving the club this summer.

I’m hardly going to recognise anyone next season! Well, at least Adam Chambers is still there, although it’s hard to see how he can win every game by himself.

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Champions League football headlines

In anticipation of various possible outcomes in the Champions League final tonight between Liverpool and AC Milan, I thought I’d make some possible headline predictions dependant on the on-pitch action:

It’s all gone Kaka

Liverpool win 3-1 after a Kaka own goal.

Crouch-ing goalscorer hidden goal

Liverpool are robbed as Crouch’s goal obvious crossed the line but was missed by the officials.

What a Carragher-on

Slapstick defending results in Milan winning 1-0.

Kuyt for 6

Dirk Kuyt scores a double hat-trick.


Darren Agger eats some spinach, turns into Popeye, and scores afer beating Italian centre-back Brutus.

It’s Reina-ing men

Something bizarre happens to do with Liverpool’s keeper and lots of other players.

Return to Zenden

Zenden scores the winner following a one-two with any other player.

Liverpool Riise to the challenge

You can probably guess.

Gordon Benit-ez

Benitez is brought on as a subsitute in the 120th minute and scores the winning penalty.

Life’s a lottery, football’s a Rafael

As above.

Doing his Pennants

Jermaine Pennant’s clearance is deflected into his own goal and the player decides to retire and join a monastery.

Rafa’s lucky Jerzy

Benetiz is coincidentally wearing his favourite jumper as Dudek (the substitute keeper) miraculously saves all of Milan’s penalties.

Just some of the many headlines we may be seeing tomorrow.

Leyton Orient 1-3 Nottingham Forest

It’s not often Leyton Orient get to play former European champions, so it’s no surprise that the last home game of the season was going to be a sell-out.

Orient went into the game needing to win, or for Bradford to lose, to guarantee a place in League One next season. Forest needed a win, and for Bristol City to lose, to have a chance at an automatic promotion place, otherwise they’d be down to the play-offs.

As it turned out, it was a result that suited everyone (except Bradford). Chesterfield beat Bradford which relegated them both, Millwall beat Bristol, and Forest beat Orient. So we’re not going to be relegated and Notts Forest have their automatic promotion hopes alive.

The 1-3 result was certainly a fair one and although we had our hopes up after Matt Lockwood (certainly Orient’s player of the year to my mind) scored with a fantastic left foot to take the home team into lead, we didn’t ever feel like we were going to come out on top. The visitors were the stronger throughout and it could have been maybe 6-1 in the end, although if I were a Forest fan I wouldn’t be feeling too confident in my team either getting back into the Championship or staying there; they weren’t that good.

Anyway, no more Saturday afternoon matches for me until September, with another campaign to stave off relegation to look forward to.

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