Six Degrees passes 300k installs

I’ve been working on my Six Degrees Facebook application on and off the past couple of weeks, partly as a way to get to know what the new platform is capable of, and it seems to have paid off. For the first time I’ve gone over 300 thousand installs, and daily active users is up to 4000 for the first time since before Christmas.

Possibly optimising it for the new profile has helped, but I’ve also updated everyone’s profile boxes, changed the icon, published a news story to users… It will be interesting to see if it continues.

Six Degrees of Separation on Facebook

Social Media Business School

I was on the marketing panel at the Social Media Business School last Friday (27th June). In the main, I was there as a Facebook application developer and to talk about how to design and grow an application. The day was fairly interesting for me, although perhaps less valuable for Social Media (the company, not the general concept) as hardly anyone was there. But there’s a photo of me on this page.

Social Media Business School