The Longest Day Beer Festival (near Petersfield)

I went to the Longest Day Beer Festival at a pub called The White Horse the other weekend., and did a fair amount of cycling along the way (around 60 miles over the three days). In attendance was me (obviously), Mark Hamilton, and his mate ‘Colin’.

The beer selection was large (see below) but generally everything seemed to taste either slightly too fruity, too sour, or too bitter. In the end we downgraded to buying ‘No name bitter’ in the pub itself.

Here are a few photos:

The board showing the beer selection:

Mark, cycling there:

Me cycling:

Colin cycling (I may not know his surname, but I know what he looks like):

Where I slept the night – in a caravan next to Mark’s red shack. The caravan was sold the next day for three hundred quid:

Action shots of me and Mark cycling along. (The second one is portrait – oh well):

The Longest Day Beer Festival, The White Horse

Luke Perman’s stag do

A few of us went on a trip to Brighton for Luke Perman’s stag do back in April. In attendance were (at various times) Luke Perman (of course), Neelesh Sonawane, Chris Greenway, Paul Evans and Dave Edwards. Here are a few of my photos:

Chris on the dodgems

Chris on the dodgems

Paul Evans, Chris Greenway, and Luke, with beer

Paul Evans, Chris Greenway, and Luke, with beer

More dodgem action:

More dodgem action:

Brighton seafront, from the pier:

Brighton seafront, from the pier

A dodgem collision with Chris:

A dodgem collision with Chris

Dave, the cowboy:

Dave, the cowboy


Karl Bunyan

Luke and Chris, with Guinness:

Luke and Chris, with Guinness

Neelesh the cowboy:

Neelesh the cowboy

Neelesh on the dodgems:

Neelesh on the dodgems

Neelesh posing on the dodgems:

Neelesh posing on the dodgems

Neelesh the gangster:

Neelesh the gangster

Traditional seaside photo:

Traditional seaside photo

Neelesh and Luke peering at Guinness:

Neelesh and Luke peering at Guinness

The Palace of Pun:

The Palace of Pun

Dodgems in action:

Confident Crouch ready to attack

Peter Crouch is, as they say, ‘up for it’. But this quote about taking time to settle in at Liverpool did worry me:

“It was frustrating and it took me too long to adjust, but halfway through the season it changed and once I got the first goal I became more confident and grew as a player.”

If there’s one player who doesn’t need to grow any more, it’s Peter Crouch.

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