Luke Perman’s stag do

A few of us went on a trip to Brighton for Luke Perman’s stag do back in April. In attendance were (at various times) Luke Perman (of course), Neelesh Sonawane, Chris Greenway, Paul Evans and Dave Edwards. Here are a few of my photos:

Chris on the dodgems

Chris on the dodgems

Paul Evans, Chris Greenway, and Luke, with beer

Paul Evans, Chris Greenway, and Luke, with beer

More dodgem action:

More dodgem action:

Brighton seafront, from the pier:

Brighton seafront, from the pier

A dodgem collision with Chris:

A dodgem collision with Chris

Dave, the cowboy:

Dave, the cowboy


Karl Bunyan

Luke and Chris, with Guinness:

Luke and Chris, with Guinness

Neelesh the cowboy:

Neelesh the cowboy

Neelesh on the dodgems:

Neelesh on the dodgems

Neelesh posing on the dodgems:

Neelesh posing on the dodgems

Neelesh the gangster:

Neelesh the gangster

Traditional seaside photo:

Traditional seaside photo

Neelesh and Luke peering at Guinness:

Neelesh and Luke peering at Guinness

The Palace of Pun:

The Palace of Pun

Dodgems in action:

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