Optimistic phishing attempt

This has to be the most optimistic phishing attempt I’ve seen yet. I can’t wait to collect my 500 pound shopping cheque, though. I just feel so devouted.

Dear Co-operative Bank p.l.c. Online customer,

The bank congratulates you as a devouted customer and rewards you with a shopping cheque of 500 pounds, but

We were unable to send your reward cheque due to a possible error your home address information.

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

– A recent change in your personal information .

– Submitting invalid information during the initial sign up process.

Consequently, we placed a temporary restriction on your account. We did this to protect your account from any fraudulent activity.

Please verify your information :

[Usual bogus IP address here]

Orient extend Jarvis’ loan deal

Orient’s in-form striker Ryan Jarvis, on loan from from Norwich, is going to stay with the team until the end of the season. Having seen at least a few of us goals I can say that’s very much good news and should help to keep the team out of the relegation zone.

Martin Ling said “I’ve spoken to their manager Peter Grant and it seems that we will be able to keep Ryan until the end of the season.

“They will make a definite decision at the end of the week and they will want to put a 24-hour call-back clause in the loan agreement. But that’s fair enough.”

I say:


Orient extend Jarvis’ loan deal on the BBC site

Jarvis extends his Orient loan on Teamtalk

McDonald’s ‘make up your own mind’

McDonald’s have jumped on the ‘user generated content/corporate communications’ bandwagon and produced a site that allows anyone to ask a question and have it answered by the company.

The site, built in Flash, is called Make Up Your Own Mind (and is not to be confused with the Eurovision song contest’s Making Your Mind Up). It mainly centres around a search engine to find answers to questions that have already been asked which becomes very addictive. For example, visit the site at www.makeupyourownmind.co.uk, click on ‘your questions’ in the top navigation.

A few choice searches to get you going:

  • dog
  • wee
  • worms

Get a proper McJob

Microsoft are also trying to change the dictionary definition of a McJob which apparently is “An unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector”.

Make your own mind up

McDonald’s seeks ‘McJob’ rewrite

Leyton Orient 2-2 Oldham

Somewhere between riding their luck and wasting it, Orient took a small single point step towards safety in League One by keeping promotion-chasing Oldham to a draw at Brisbane Road.

The game started well with both sides making inroads and even the weakened home side were holding up well. Jason Demetriou was a spectator in midfield, a situation which continued for the entire match and there was certainly a lack of edge in midfield with no Chambers or Guttridge to sweep up. Once Tudor was substituted for Hooper due to injury the midfield looked very ineffective for most of the match.

Then, from nothing, Alexander pulled a goal out of nowhere on 13 minutes. As the half went on Oldham were looking stronger but with the one goal cushion we felt there was a good chance of a draw at least.

That feeling changed early in the second half when the goalscorer was harshly sent off for a second bookable offence and Orient were down to ten men. Oldham’s chances were coming closer and closer and in all they hit the bar three times in the second half. Against the run of play new signing Hooper managed to hook a ball over the keeper and put Orient 2-0 up.

Still, the home fans sensed that Oldham’s strength couldn’t be held back for another twenty minutes and in fact it was a very short time before woeful defending let in the first goal. Garner could have had the ball, and the rest of the defence stood still. To be fair to the goalkeeper there were opportunities saved and on average his performance was generally fair.

So, at only 2-1 up, it was a case of holding on with the ten men. Of course, we didn’t, and another terrible error by Saah left him flailing in his own area and ending up giving a penalty away when a simple clearance a few seconds earlier was the obvious option. The penalty was well taken and it was 2-2 with nearly fiftenn minutes of play left.

Somehow, though, the O’s held on for the point despite numerous close shaves, close offside decisions, and other defensive errors. But a point is a point and although we didn’t really deserve it from the game there are times when a bit of luck helps. The only regret is that our luck was good but defensive mistakes let us down and with a bit of discipline we could have stolen the full three points.

Leyton Orient 2-2 Oldham on the BBC site

Fantasy football progress

It’s been a milestone week with us moving up to second in the SEH Fantasy Football Superleague. Considering the very poor start (around 8th or 9th) the results have started to come in and the transfers are working well. The results of the FA Cup replays could be significant but there’s still some way to go yet. Although first place is looking very tough, it’s still possible.

Pos Manager Team Week 30
Total Pts League Pos
1 Mr E Louie BAIKIN’EL UNITED 26 1140 46970
2 Ms A Lakshmanan ANN’S SLACKERS 26 1099 79361
3 Ms K Odogu RUN KENNY, RUN 18 1096 81994
4 Mr A Wong SUGAR PUFFS 23 1053 119802
5 Mr A Head WAY AHEAD 28 987 168669
6 Ms D Walkier WALKERS WANDERERS 16 923 202894
7 Ms C Easterbrook CAZZZA’S COWBOYS 14 919 204727
8 Miss V Dudzik CRAZY BLONDIES 26 892 215965
9 * Mr G Georgion ]OVERPAID CRY BABIES 18 882 219782
10 Mr R Bennett TIPPED FOR THE TOP 11 853 229926
11 Ms A Corsini ALE AND MAX 12 837 234947
12 Ms N Luthra BOUBLA 12 519 267330
* denotes Chairman

Leyton Orient looking good in League One

Leyton Orient’s victory over Chesterfield today has put them a whole 7 points clear of the relegation zone and, given the other favourable results, I would even venture to say that for the first time this season I’m feeling like we’re getting safe.

Other signification results include:

It would have been nice if Gillingham had lost instead of beating Crewe but you can’t have everything. Maybe a draw at Northampton v Bournemouth would have been the ideal result as it would have moved us above both of them, but it’s arguable that it would have been a better result.

Although the win doesn’t move the O’s any further up the table it does put us well clear of the relegation zone and five points ahead of Bournemouth who are right behind in 19th place.

The League One table

Chesterfield 0-1 Leyton Orient

Ling praises ‘workmanlike’ Orient