Setting Up The Hauppauge DualTV Tuner On A Raspberry Pi

I’ve been thinking about replacing my old PVR with a Raspberry Pi based one. Setup so far has been a bit bumpy, so just in case this helps future me: this page has a lot of info, including the drivers.

The problem I had was that the tuner seemed to work on Windows but was picking up no channels on the Pi. Eventually some searching led me to the command “dmesg” on the terminal, and all kinds of red rows of “firmware not found”. Downloading and copying the missing files into /lib/firmware and rebooting did the trick.

The other thing was to find out what my nearest receiver might be. I guessed at Crystal Palace, because I’ve seen the aerial up there… But this website gives a more authoratitive answer if you enter your postcode:

Next is to try to install Kodi (I think).

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