Leyton Orient 1-1 West Ham

Martin Ling shakes hands with Alan Curbishley
Orient had the chance to test themselves against Premiership opposition in the form of a pre-season friendly against West Ham. The result was an excellent 1-1 draw with superb goals scored by Dean Ashton and Andy Boyd.

Orient actually played pretty well too and gave us something to hope for for the new season. There was some good passing and the starting eleven were pretty good at least. Being a friendly there were about a dozen substitutions on each side but the result is certainly a good one.

Apart from most of the players being different, the main change this season is that the team dugouts have moved to the West Stand, which means we’re a lot closer to them. The shot below shows Ann with Alan Curbishley in the background.

Martin Ling shakes hands with Alan Curbishley

Capital to Coast cycle ride

Well, I’ve survived my second Capital to Coast charity cycle ride. Not only did the London to Hove cycle ride seem further this year, it actually was as we were diverted an extra couple of miles due to an accident.

Last year’s ride was in sunshine all the way, and this year the weather held up amazingly well too. Somehow we managed to avoid showers and hailstones that hit everywhere behind us. As a result I came away rather more sunburnt than I was planning…

Anyway, here are the photos:

Chris Greenway, on his bike:

Chris Greenway, on his bike

Greg, who was generally moving too fast to be in focus:


And then there was Gemma who looked much more tired than this at the end:


Early on, Chris was already giving the whole experience a hearty thumbs-up (and a small tongues-out):

Chris gives it thumbs up

This is the only shot I have with all four of us in, albeit only the top of my cycling helmet and everyone else out of focus:

All the 2007 puntourists

It felt like such an achievement reaching West Sussex that I had to take a photo of the sign:

Welcome to West Sussex

Chris celebrates a famous victory, or something:

Chris victory

And then follows up the victory (of getting to the second rest stop) with one of the excellent biscuits they had on offer there:

Chris with a biscuit

Gemma also joined in this biscuit-fest:

Gemma with biscuit

One biscuit for all, and all for one! (Actually, there were many biscuits for all.)


As last year, I wore my special cycling shoes:

Cycling shoes

Not only were there biscuits, from the third stop onwards there were cakes. This is where the real action started.


Chris was dressed in a high-tech outfit, complete with intravenous water:

Space Chris

Whatever lay ahead, Chris was ready for it:

Chris ready for it

Chris “I stick my tongue out in the face of hills” Greenway:

Chris's tongue

At the fourth stop we were a little tired, to say the least.

Fourth stop

But Chris re-energised himself with a rather large cookie:

Chris with cookie

By this time Gemma was starting to feel it:

Gemma tired

Yet, somehow, we all made it to the top of Devil’s Dyke:

Devil's Dyke stop

And, as with last year, my bike got to be president:

My bike the president

By the time we reached Hove the beer was very welcome:

Beer in Hove

And of course there’s still time to donate online if you haven’t already done so due to forgetfulness or stinginess.

Puntourists 2007 fundraising page

Capital to Coast

Capital to Coast 2006 photos

Lockwood moves to Nottingham Forest

One of Leyton Orient’s best players, Matthew Lockwood, is to join Nottingham Forest. This is quite a big deal for the O’s and Lockwood was one of the best players over the past two seasons. It’s not entirely a surprise and I can only assume that Orient were paid a good price for him.

No-one can really blame Lockwood for making the move – it’s a good chance to serve out a couple of seasons with a club that may well be back in the Championship at the end of the season.

Lockwood – It Was The Most Difficult Decision Of My Life

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Fixing incorrect awgina.dll version remotely

I’ve recently installed PCAnywhere and, getting home, tried to remote desktop to my PC. Except I couldn’t because apparently I had an “incompatible version of awgina.dll”. I should also contact my network adminstrator for the latest version because obviously whoever that is is bound to have different versions just left around the place.

Anyway, Googling for awgina.dll brought back some useful results and it was indeed PCAnywhere’s fault, but unfortunately all the fixes involved going into the registry. If you can’t log on, that’s quite hard.

But this link was more helpful as apparently awgina.dll had overridden msgina.dll. So, I switched myself into hack mode and did this:

  • Connected over the network to c:\windows\system32
  • Renamed the old awgina.dll, just in case. (I’m not a cowboy, you know!)
  • Copied msgina.dll and rename it to awgina.dll
  • Voila! Connection worked fine.

I’ll see tomorrow whether there are any adverse effects on PCAnywhere, but being able to work remotely is much more important anyway.