Curry is good for you

It’s official – eating curry might help arthritis. (I may be paraphrasing, but probably no worse than the BBC reporters are.) Apparently it’s the turmeric that really does it.

Dr Janet Funk and her colleagues believe their findings also suggest turmeric extract could treat other inflammatory disorders, including asthma, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

If it’s good enough for Dr Funk, it’s good enough for me!

BBC NEWS | Health | Curry spice ‘help for arthritis’

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Designing a more accessible web

This article on the BBC site purports to be about how to create accessible websites, but reading between the lines I get the feeling there’s a press release from the company that built J K Rowling’s site behind it.

It looks like quotes have been taken out of context to me:

However, [CSS is] quite a new technology, it’s only been around a couple of years, and a lot of designers are still very wary of using it.

Flash is a very interesting topic in terms of web accessibility. It’s actually capable of being very accessible indeed.

This makes the article come across as ‘use Flash to make accessible websites because it’s better for it than CSS’ which is quite far from the truth. Initially I thought it was just a case of poor expert quotes, but it seems that it’s just poor journalism that’s behind it.

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Designing a more accessible web


Have you noticed how sometimes lot of the same type of thing? Peter Kay said “Some days you see lots of people on crutches.”, which I’ve noticed too. Well, recently:

  • I’ve met lots of people called either Jeff, Jason or Steve. There are no other new names around.
  • I’ve seen a lot of women with freckles.

And I can’t say why.

Friends of the Orient – east London business networking

My web development company Exponetic have just designed and built the new website for Friends of the Orient, a business networking club in east London. The site lists the businesses that are part of the club, which is based around Leyton Orient football club, as well as news and information about upcoming events.

The next meeting is on Tuesday October 17th and anyone who wants to come along should give Steve Dixon a call on 0871 310 1886, or e-mail

Friends of the Orient business networking club
Exponetic profile
Exponetic’s website

Why VB.Net is bad

If a language is going to be loosely typed, then that’s fine as long as you know how to use it. If it’s going to be strongly typed that’s even better. So in JavaScript:

var i=1;
var j="1";
if(i==j)alert("Loose typing ahoy!");

Everything’s fine and you get an alert. And if you go:

var thingArray = new Array();
thingArray[i]="Loose typing still ahoy!"

You get the same thing.

Try something similar in C#, and you’ll get a compile error:

int i = 1;
string j="1";
if(i==j)Response.Write("Oooooh badness");

So it will never work.

In VB.Net, though, we’re in a funny middle-ground where things are sometimes the same, and sometimes different:

Dim i as Intger = 1
Dim j as String = "1"
If i = j Then
Response.Write("They're the same here.")
End If

So far, so ropey, and not that dissimilar to JavaScript. But then:

Dim thingArray as new ArrayList
If thingArray.Contains(j) Then
Response.Write("They're still the same...")
End If

will never write anything out. Because despite the fact that 1 = “1”, an ArrayList that contains 1 doesn’t also contain “1” because they’re different…

It’s a cop-out of a language, I say.

Kinetica, Kinetic Arts Museum, Spitalfields

I had an invite to the opening of Kinetica, a new Kinetic arts museum in Spitalfields the other night. By it’s own description, “Kinetica is the UK’s first museum of kinetic art”, and who am I to doubt it? It’s quite an interesting place, in a very good setting in old Spitalfields too. The tactile quality of the robots was quite amazing and the compressed air hydraulics that kept them moving gave them an impression of strength. (I can’t help thinking that making robots is an occupation where you could easily lose a finger.) The semi-human forms are very well sculpted, capturing a lot of the essences of skeletal structures without being literally bone-shaped, and it’s all quite Terminator-ish at times. It’s one thing if a fairly scary looking robot is sitting there playing the drums, it’s another if it starts hopping towards you.

As well as the fun robotics there are some slightly lower key but still interesting works upstairs, including a couple of disembodied arms that write the same piece of text over and over again on a scrolling piece of paper. Very odd, and still quite unnerving.

Kinetica, Spitalfields

The opening of Kinetica covered by Channel 4

BBC’s coverage of Kinetica’s opening

Leyton Orient 0-0 Chesterfield

Leyton Orient 0-0 Chesterfield

A goalless draw against Chesterfield isn’t too bad a result for Orient, considering the recent form of letting in three goals a game. A clean sheet is a good starting point as the defence seem to have been very weak this season, but yesterday did seem them winning a few headers and getting to a few more balls first.

Overall, the O’s had the best of the play, but only just. There were a few chances and although Chesterfield didn’t have as many they were probably clearer cut. It’s disappointing that last season we managed to beat this side in the FA Cup but don’t seem to be able to this year when we need to win these kinds of games to stay up.

Still, the team effort was generally exceptional and I couldn’t help thinking that if they play as well for the rest of the season they might have a chance. We’ll see.

BBC SPORT | Football | League One | Leyton Orient 0-0 Chesterfield