Meson Los Barilles tapas, Spitalfields Market

After wandering around Kinetica for an hour, we wandered off to a small Spanish restaurant called Meson Los Barilles. It’s also in Old Spitalfields (the proper old bit), and just off the main very commercial drag of Giraffe et al.

I think this may be a contender for the best tapas I’ve had in London. Admittedly, I haven’t had much, but it was good. Although I’m a fan of our local tapas in Leyton, La Parreira, it can’t quite match Meson Los Barilles for depth of taste.

We were surprised it wasn’t completely packed out, given how many people there were out around Spitalfields that night and that it was nearly 9pm, but they found us a table quickly. We ordered a variety including the sold favourites like patatas bravas, some squid, and chorizo with white beans in a tomato sauce. The highlight, though, was definitely the shell on prawns in olive oil, garlic and chilli, which justified having a bowl of bread to mop up with in themselves.

The wine list was pretty good too, with house reds and whites from around a tenner, and about twice that for some of the more specialist bottles.

All in all it come to around fifty pounds between two which is quite reasonable given that we had more than enough to eat and drink, and especially so given the location.

I think I may find myself there again from time-to-time.

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Location of Meson Los Barilles

.Net file locking on compile

I kept on getting a problem whereby on trying to recompile a project in Visual Studio a dll assembly would be locked when I loaded the project up in a browser with a message such as:

Cannot copy assembly […] to file [..].dll. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

With a note that the error was something around:

Which wasn’t very helpful. Googling for the error message didn’t help much as there were all kinds of reasons for files being locked, but Googling for compile file locking did and I was lead to
this page which explains it.

I tried various ‘fixes’ of my own, such as rebuilding the entire solution, starting and stopping IIS through services, and sometimes it seemed to work and sometimes it didn’t. It was very bizarre and very annoying, but the file lock was starting to cause me real problems.

The solution

It was quite easy: disable the Indexing Service from the Services list. Apparently the indexing service was locking the file and it would be released after ‘a bit of time’, which was why my random attempts at fixes sometimes seemed to work, and sometimes didn’t.

Microsoft: sometimes, I really hate you.

Preventing compiled dll’s from being locked in Visual Studio.