Fixing incorrect awgina.dll version remotely

I’ve recently installed PCAnywhere and, getting home, tried to remote desktop to my PC. Except I couldn’t because apparently I had an “incompatible version of awgina.dll”. I should also contact my network adminstrator for the latest version because obviously whoever that is is bound to have different versions just left around the place.

Anyway, Googling for awgina.dll brought back some useful results and it was indeed PCAnywhere’s fault, but unfortunately all the fixes involved going into the registry. If you can’t log on, that’s quite hard.

But this link was more helpful as apparently awgina.dll had overridden msgina.dll. So, I switched myself into hack mode and did this:

  • Connected over the network to c:\windows\system32
  • Renamed the old awgina.dll, just in case. (I’m not a cowboy, you know!)
  • Copied msgina.dll and rename it to awgina.dll
  • Voila! Connection worked fine.

I’ll see tomorrow whether there are any adverse effects on PCAnywhere, but being able to work remotely is much more important anyway.

2 thoughts on “Fixing incorrect awgina.dll version remotely”

  1. Cheers, worked a treat for me (PCAnywhere seems to work fine too, doesn’t seem to have broken it).

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