Champions League football headlines

In anticipation of various possible outcomes in the Champions League final tonight between Liverpool and AC Milan, I thought I’d make some possible headline predictions dependant on the on-pitch action:

It’s all gone Kaka

Liverpool win 3-1 after a Kaka own goal.

Crouch-ing goalscorer hidden goal

Liverpool are robbed as Crouch’s goal obvious crossed the line but was missed by the officials.

What a Carragher-on

Slapstick defending results in Milan winning 1-0.

Kuyt for 6

Dirk Kuyt scores a double hat-trick.


Darren Agger eats some spinach, turns into Popeye, and scores afer beating Italian centre-back Brutus.

It’s Reina-ing men

Something bizarre happens to do with Liverpool’s keeper and lots of other players.

Return to Zenden

Zenden scores the winner following a one-two with any other player.

Liverpool Riise to the challenge

You can probably guess.

Gordon Benit-ez

Benitez is brought on as a subsitute in the 120th minute and scores the winning penalty.

Life’s a lottery, football’s a Rafael

As above.

Doing his Pennants

Jermaine Pennant’s clearance is deflected into his own goal and the player decides to retire and join a monastery.

Rafa’s lucky Jerzy

Benetiz is coincidentally wearing his favourite jumper as Dudek (the substitute keeper) miraculously saves all of Milan’s penalties.

Just some of the many headlines we may be seeing tomorrow.

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