Sony Clie and Nokia 6600 infra red GPRS internet settings

Instructions for connecting the Sony Clie UX50 to the internet via GPRS through a Nokia 6600’s infra red port. I’m on the Orange phone network so some of the settings may be specific to this. I also assume your phone already works with internet/GPRS by itself and has a connection called ‘orangeinternet’ set up (which it is by default).

  1. Go to Preferences.
  2. Select ‘Connections’ and ‘New..’.
  3. Call it something like ‘IR Internet’.
  4. Set:
    • Connect to: Modem
    • Via: Infrared
    • Dialing: TouchTone
    • Volume: Low
  5. Click on ‘Details’ and set speed: 115,200, flow ctl: Automatic, Init string: leave empty.
  6. Click ‘OK’ then ‘OK’ from the ‘Edit Connection’ screen.
  7. Select ‘Network’ from within Preferences.
  8. Open up the top menu and select ‘New’.
  9. Call the service something memorable (e.g ‘Working IR Internet’).
  10. Some of the following settings are specific to the Orange phone network so you may have to play around:
    • Username: a
    • Password: a
    • Connection: select the IR connection you just made (‘IR Internet’)
    • Phone: *99#
  11. Click on ‘details’.
  12. Set:
    • Connection type: PPP
    • Idle timeout: Never
    • Query DNS: ticked
    • IP Address: tick automatic

Now the hard bit… Click on ‘Script’ and enter through the menus:

Send: AT&FO;&D2&EO [both capital “o”, not zeros]
Send CR:
Send: ATV1W1S95=47
Send CR:
Send: AT&K3
Send CR:
Send: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”orangeinternet”
Send CR:
Send: ATDT*99#
Send CR:

Click on ‘OK’.

Now to try and connect the phone to the Clie. Go to ‘Modem’ option in the Nokia 6600’s menu (probably inside the ‘Connect’ folder if you haven’t moved it).
Click on the ‘Modem’ icon and select ‘Connect via infrared’. The phone should start looking for something to connect to.
Now go to the network setting you’ve just made in the Clie, point the infra red port at the phone’s IR port and click ‘Connect’.
Then hope for the best….

This obviously isn’t as good as bluetooth would be because a) you have to point the devices at each other and b) you have to navigate through a few menus just to enable the modem on the 6600, but it’s the best we seem to have for a while.

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  1. Hi, dude. Have you already connected trought a nokia 6585i ir connection using a clie peg nx80v?

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