Fantasy football update

A pretty good week for the team. We’ve gotten rid of Beattie and bought Roonie instead (definitely a bargain), and dumped Queudrue as he didn’t seem to be getting us many points and now Rio Ferdinand is in at the back. This gave us a few points in the Arsenal/Man Utd match last weekend, although with Lehman in goal that left us a few points lower than I would have liked.

Still, after dropping down to 4th we’re now joint 3rd and all catching up on the 1st place man who doesn’t seem to have been watching his team as closely as he should. Now my only worry is a) too many Arsenal players and b) too many Man Utd players. Arsenal are certainly not playing the “1-0” game of old and although they’re not losing (except the once…) they keep letting in too many goals.

So, the next quandry is: a new goalkeeper? Tottenham were looking like a side that people are having trouble scoring against, until beating Bolton 4-3 on Wednesday. Other potentials are Everton’s or Liverpool’s, though I don’t fancy too many Liverpool players whilst Gerard is still out.

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