Brussels freelancers beer night

Some of us from have just come back from a great couple of nights in Brussels. I’ve never been to Belgium before but it was a great laugh. We stayed in the ‘Hotel Catalonia’, which was a pretty good place, somewhere in the Art Nouveau quarter. It was pretty short on art nouveau, however…

The full attendees were:

  • Karl Bunyan (me)
  • Deborah Causton
  • Dave Edwards
  • Susan Engel
  • Lindsey Hill
  • Luke Perman
  • Paul J White

I’m not going to put the full details here (even if I could remember them…) but a few photos are below:

Luke pointing at a statue

Black and white shot of me and Luke

Lindsey, Susan and Luke

Dave and Susan

Paul, not too drunk yet

Deborah, on a rare occassion when she isn’t hiding

Me with a glass of Kwak. I really did turn into Mr Hyde later that night.

Susan, Luke and myself on our way to the Eurostar.

Me hiding. Sweatshirt sleeve/mask of zorro.

Susan, Dave, Paul and thumbs

Dave goes for his guns/beer

Hot chocolate self-assembly kit before

Hot chocolate self-assembly kit after

Group photo: Susan, Luke, Lindsey, Dave, Me (and Paul behind the camera)

Susan and Linsey

It rained a bit while we were there…

We know exactly where we are, honest.

Me, Luke and beer. Such a rare sight to see together.

A student beer-and-lorry-fest. No idea what this was all about.

Princess Susan


Another shot of someone drinking (spot a theme?)

Dave and Deborah, before Deborah had a chance to hide

An overturned car that Paul spotted coming out of an underpass

The window of our hotel. Fascinating.

Lindsey, Luke, Susan and Paul (from left to right)