Medieval Total War, another progress review

The Pope raised his ugly head again but luckily I was able to sort him out with sheer volume of troops. I have the advantage of a very large fleet occupying most of the meditteranean so I can ship troops into coastal regions very quickly.

War with the English has started with my invasion of their three French provinces at once. They didn’t stand a chance, and King Harold had nowhere to retreat to. Still, he can’t have been very popular as his ransom was refused and I ended up beheading him. Now that I’ve got the whole of France the borders are much easier to police. Also, the invasion of a few more provinces brought me a few handy florins so I can get to work improving some more regions.

I’m holding off a war in Spain at the moment. There are a lot of troops there and a few ships out to see which would hamper my troop movements. I’ve pushed a couple of Catholic bishops in there to see if I can start converting some people so that the invasion is better received, when it happens.

Medieval Total War

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