Progress review of Medieval, Total War

It’s been an action-packed couple of days. The Sicilians rose from the
ashes and I had to retreat to the castle and muster some more forces.
The whole thing ended in a massive battle between my spearmen and
archers and their heavily armoured knights. I had to keep my distance
and pepper them with arrows to get the numbers down. I’ve also
discovered that my King is a coward and runs away at the first sight of

I’ve finally gotten rid of the French, though, and the alliance with the
English is holding. Although they have a chunk of France that I really
have my eye on so I can’t see that lasting too long… The problem is
that attacking the English might provoke the Danes, but they don’t look
very strong. I think a few more turns of consolidating troops and making
sure there aren’t going to be any more provincial rebellions (I’m still
watching out for the Papacy again) and then I’ll have another war on my

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