ScotAir flights from City Airport, London to Edinburgh

I had the opportunity to fly to Edinburgh on business yesterday and took
a ScotAirways flight from City Airport, London to Edinburgh.
City Airport itself is great: check-in is only half an hour before the
flight, security is always very efficient (although still the same
process as any other airport) and the airport staff are extremely
courteous. No doubt due to the business customers they’re used to
encountering. The downside is that almost all the flights are more expensive
than EasyJet (or whoever) from Stanstead, but the advantage of flying
from so close to the centre of London is worth it for me.

The ScotAirways flight itself was good, too. We were given a boiled
sweet on take-off and landing to stop the ears from popping and tea and
biscuits in-flight, as well as a newspaper. Although they did run out of
Evening Standards for the trip back, which is a gripe. The plane’s were
tiny (30 seats) and the flight takes slightly longer than in a larger
jet, but it’s still only an hour and twenty minutes for the journey so
that’s not exactly a big problem.

Unfortunately Edinburgh airport on the return journey is not quite so
slick. I imagine this is due to its greater use by tourists and for
international flights, but checking in 1 hour before departure is always
a pain.

All in all: City Airport is great!

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  1. Yes, and isn’t Edinburgh Airport COLD! Yesterday, I had to sit at Gate 4 for three hours, during which it got colder and colder, before boarding at 9.3opm. Normal outdoor clothes were not adequate. I spoke to the BMI staff, who commiserated and said it was always like that in cold weather. Typical British approach to building design and management!

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