Review of Curry Capital, Brick Lane, London

A rather good curry

I’ve tried the Brick Lane curry experience a few times now, as I live in
East London and work in Bethnal Green, but have always been disappointed. I
think out of the worst half a dozen curries I’ve ever had in my life, Brick
Lane has accounted for about five of them.

Curry Capital, then, was a real find. It’s slightly further up the north end
of Brick Lane than the large gaggle of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants
usually are and is almost on its own. There’s no-one outside touting free
beer, wine or starters (a very good sign) and the decor is quite
sophisticated… relative to the rest of Brick Lane’s offerings, of

The food is also pretty good – certainly well above anything else I’ve had
down London’s most famous curry street. The “Katmandu Delicacy” I chose had
very tasty fresh chillies, and lamb that didn’t require oversized muscles to
chew on. The sauce was richly flavoured and the side dishes were equally

Although the menu did offer what they called ‘Old favourites’, the main
focus was definitely on the Chef’s Specialities listing. These dishes were
the most interesting and the descriptions of each makes them very

Beer was the usual offering of Cobra or Kingfisher. Prices came to
£25/head for main course, a couple of beers, rice, naan and a couple of side
dishes, which seemed very reasonable given the quality

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