Dave’s barbeque

Dave Edwards decided to have a barbecue to ‘celebrate’ moving out. I believe it was probably the worst equipped barbecueing event I’ve ever attended as we were lacking in what I consider to be the key barbecue prerequisites:

  • A garden
  • Any furniture
  • A barbecue

The first was remedied by squatting in the patch of gravel down the side of the house (which is, so I was told, a public right of way. Someone certainly believed they had the right to dump a load of old furniture parts there in any case). The second, the lack of furniture, we addressed by rigging up a table by placing an old table top onto a wheelbarrow:

Table made from a wheelbarrow

The third, the lack of barbecue, was potentially more serious but something was constructed from a few bricks and a grill tray (I think). It didn’t prove to be the best way to draw air through and generally tried to suffocate both itself and us, as this smokey picture (featuring Dave himself) might illustrate:

Dave disappearing into smoke

Still, it was all good fun…

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