London transport bomb attacks

Luckily my travelling today didn’t overlap with any of the explosions, as my office is about half a mile outside of Liverpool Street, but it’s certainly causing a lot of disruption. No-one I know seems to be that badly affected either except for having to walk home.

It will be interesting to see how the country reacts in view of other terror attacks around the world. Terrorists attacking New York prompted America to invade half of the middle east, bombs in Madrid changed the result of the Spanish election and caused withdrawals from Iraq, so I wonder how much of a difference it will make here. My personal view is that in terms of general public opinion it won’t make much of a difference. As a nation we may easily roll over in the face of America’s warmongering but a positive quality is that we are not generally prone to reactionism, either to become more agressive or to change the way we do things just to placate these people. London is generally multicultural enough to know that the actions of a small group of extremists does not represent how larger groups think in general, and really I can’t see how carrying out these attacks is going to do anybody’s cause any good whatsoever.

London rocked by terror attacks
Travel chaos after London blasts

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