My new Sony Ericsson K750i

I’ve just upgraded to the new Sony Ericsson K750i phone and am well pleased with it. It works well as a phone and is much more responsive and easier to use than my old Nokia 6600, but it’s all the extra features that make it really great. The camera takes pretty good pictures for a camera, let alone a phone, and the way it comes straight on when you open the back cover without having to unlock the phone makes it very useable. There’s also a pretty good LED for giving some light at night which gives pretty good results. I also found the bluetooth connection to both my PC and my Clie quite easy to set up and plugging the usb cable in just mounts the memory stick as a drive on the PC which makes copying files from one to the other very easy and fast.

After using the 6600 I found the interface much better and I can’t imagine I’ll go near another Symbian phone again in a hurry. On the K750i I press a button and it responds; there’s none of the delay the 6600 had. The text messaging is also much easier as you get a dropdown with predictive matches as you type, and can manually choose any letter you like at any time without having to go into a separate ‘spell’ mode.

It’s saved me having to buy a separate digital camera and mp3 player, and has an FM radio included too. Brilliant!!!

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