Jasmine B&B, Southwold

I stayed last night in the Jasmine B&B in Southwold. It was actually closer to Reydon, an adjoining town, and about 20 minutes walk from Southwold high street and seafront. The B&B was tiny, with only 3 rooms (en-suite), but a friendly welcome. In fact, the whole thing is more like staying in a friend’s house (or rather, bungalow). The rooms are nice, though, and have a homely feel about them, and being a smaller outfit you don’t get the kind mass-produced of accessories you get in a normal B&B but more the kind of thing you’d have at home: proper mugs, real towels etc.

The only downsides with such a small place are that, for obvious reasons, the breakfast window of opportunity is fairly small (between 8 and 9), and check-out is also quite early (10am). The breakfast was much better than many B&B’s I’ve stayed in, though, so worth making it to.

The Jasmine B&B website
The Jasmine B&B is located here

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