Telegraph Fantasy Football password and progress report

More action in the premiership transfer market, taking some of my team away (again). The Telegraph Fantasy Football password for Wednesday August 31st, for anyone who’s in the same need, is LUCKY.

My team has been doing pretty well over the past week and a half, largely due to me giving up on Wayne Bridge ever playing football again and buying Del Horno as my second Chelsea defender instead. As usual, Chelsea haven’t let in a goal and Del Horno has scored one and assisted one so has really raked in the points this week. Henry has scored quite a few points, as usual, and Lampard is knocking the goals in as ever.

This has dragged me up to 3rd in the fantasy super league, although the 1st place team leapt even further ahead this week leaving me to think this must be a team with both Henry and Rooney in (and damn the expense). Still, I’m fairly happy with the teams’s performance so far given that for a couple of matches I was down to 7 men with early injuries. When Llungberg and James Beattie make it back I expect to be grabbing points more consistently, and not relying so much on Chelsea and Thierry Henry to score all my points.

I can’t help thinking that Chelsea have somewhat taken the challenge out of fantasy football this year as it’s pretty much a given to put Cech in goal and grab as many defenders as you can afford (and think will play). On the other hand, the large squad means it’s easy to spend a lot of money on big name players who may only get to play half a match.

Hopefully someone will work out how to score goals against Chelsea and make the rest of the footballing year a bit more interesting.

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