The Crown and Sceptre review, Great Titchfield Street

There aren’t many pubs I’d ever say this about, but I can honestly say I never want to go back to this pub again. The place doesn’t look too bad, and there’s space to stand outside, close to Oxford Circus, but the bar staff are absolutely the worst I’ve ever come across anywhere. The wait at the Crown and Sceptre surpassed my previous personal best by passing the half hour mark. We nearly were served once, but the woman who started taking our order mysteriously disappeared and our third of the bar was left unattended for the next ten minutes. (Had she gone home for the day? We didn’t know.) One of the other staff eventually noticed our side of the bar and we were the loudest shouters in the scrum who had the patience to wait. (That is the only way to get served there.)

So, that was the last time we went to the bar, and hopefully the last I’ll be seeing of The Crown and Sceptre. Very conveniently, the off-license on the corner diagonally opposite has a large chilled beer selection and sells bottles of Kronenberg for 99p each. I have the feeling they make a fair amount of money out of dissatisfied pub clientele.

My advice: don’t bother with this pub. If you do and you’re able to drink outside, take a bottle opener and remember the off-license on the opposite corner.

A very old review of The Crown and Sceptre

The Crown and Sceptre is here

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