Landmark Trust, Martello Tower, Aldeburgh

Darren and myself have just spent two days discussing business strategy at the Martello tower that the Landmark Trust own in Aldeburgh.

It was extremely productive, and Martello Tower itself is an amazing place. Built to keep Napolean out it has four turrets and walls that are ten feet thick. There are two twin bedrooms, a main dining/whatever area, a living room with a solid fuel boiler, plus a kitchen and bathroom. Although it’s huge, by the sea, and made of pretty solid stuff, it was surprisingly warm all the time – probably the warmest Landmark I’ve stayed in for the time of year, since the temperature went down below zero overnight.

Anyway, the interesting things are the photos:

The entrance to the tower:

A view of the tower from the beach:

From the other side showing one of the turrets and the bridge over to the entrance:

Inside the tower, the windows are very small:

But you do get a good view out of the front window, if you climb up the few steps that lead to it:

The view from the roof terrace, looking south:

A sign we saw in a bric-a-brac shop in Aldeburgh

The main space, with Darren at work in it:

The museum building in Aldeburgh:

Martello tower can be booked through the Landmark Trust.

3 thoughts on “Landmark Trust, Martello Tower, Aldeburgh”

  1. I’m thinking of staying there with the kids when we visit the UK next year. What did it cost you for the three days?

  2. It depends on the time of year. Usually something like &400-&500, but a lot more in school holidays, Easter, Christmas etc. If you contact Landmark Trust then they’ll be able to tell you.

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