Photos from Vietnam, 3 of 3

A cup of tea I bought in Cat Tien national park, which cost 1000 dong (just over 3p):

The view from the bar in Cat Tien park:

We spent the night at the ranger’s lodge at Crocodile Lake in the middle of Cat Tien National Park which was, as its name implies
full of crocodiles:

Crocodile Lake in the evening:

Crocodile Lake early in the morning:

Crocodile Lake early in the morning:

A strange tree in the forest/jungle:

Our guide, clambering over a giant fig tree:

The giant fig tree:

Some rapids in Cat Tien:

The resort at Mue Ne (it was called Swiss Village), which was extremely touristy:

The beach at Mue Ne was was very impressive:

Ann being a bit windswept in a bar at Mue Ne:

In the botanical gardnens in Saigon (which has a very old fashioned and unpleasant style zoo) we found this bench sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend.

The War Remnants museum in Saigon, complete with tanks, helicopters and planes:

The War Remnants museum:

We found a bar called Fenetre Soleil in Saigon which was very difficult to find but very self-consciously designed:

The sign to find it helps explain why it was so difficult:

Inside the art gallery in Saigon:

Ann cycling outside Hanoi:

Motorbike chaos in Hanoi:

Motorbike chaos in Saigon:

A boat trip on the Mekong Delta:

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