Go-karting at Raceway, Kings Cross

As part of a stag do I went go-karting yesterday at Raceway, Kings Cross. I’ve only been karting once before on a pot-holed, wet outdoor track near Warwick, and it was okay at the time but didn’t really make me want to go again. Raceway, on the other hand, is excellent, with a very long and interesting track to drive and most importantly a very good tarmac surface. It made for good, and very tiring, racing.

I’ve only got results for the second race on a printout (we did two races of about 20 minutes or so each), but here they are anyway:

Position Name Gap Fastest lap
1st Matt Thompson 0:46.18
2nd Karl Bunyan 0:1:13 0:45:97
3rd Dominic Staunton 0:03:36 0:46:89
4th Darren Beale 0:07:60 0:46:50
5th James Boyd 0:15:83 0:46:07
6th Matt Partridge 0:18:16 0:46:67
7th Sid Rakhada 0:18:16 0:46:67
8th Mark French 0:36:43 0:47:71
9th Matthew French 0:38:63 0:47:26
10th Ben Gates 0:42:28 0:46:75
11th Andy French 0:45:03 0:48:04
12th Chris Morris 1L-1s 0:48:09
13th Ian Glass 1L-12s 0:48:60
14th Stephen Ray 1L-42s 0:49:00

My trophy for coming in 3rd place overall:

3rd place go-karting trophy

Raceway Go-karting, Kings Cross

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  1. Im Glad you liked the raceway as i was working that day and good to know you had a good experiance!! I was one of the marshalls!Welldone on 3rd!

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