SEH Summer Party 2006

Friday was the SEH summer party of 2006, and a very good day it was too. Lots of food, lots of drink, quite a few people, and a few boats. Punting in Oxford may not be quite as good as punting in Cambridge but it was all good. Here are some photos:

Nick punting:

A full punt:

Bin punting:

Samir punting:

Renato with a punt full of ladies:

A sychronised mooring manoeuvre:

The picnic (or one half of it):

The other half of the picnic:

Nawed sitting in a punt with his son:

Me nearly punting:

Me actually punting:

A dragonfly:

After the picnic there was a fair amount of lazing around:

Renato took a trip into the river. It seems to be tradition for him to get soaked every year, but luckily he had a spare pair of trousers:

Caroline in a punt:

Martin in a punt:


Alessia circling before making her way in

Jason decided to rescue the situation for his punt once food appeared

Pedal boats didn’t look like much less effort to me

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