Pointless spam

Spam has always seemed mostly pointless to me, but the lengths that the spammers need to go to to get around spam filters just seems bizarre nowadays. I know that ‘Pharmaceutical’ is a difficult word to spell, but if I was going to buy some then I’d make sure that the people I was buying it from could at least do a better job of it than I can. Current variations I have had over the past day or so are:

  • PHwxARrmMA – 3/10. A few correct letters here, and it kind of sounds like they made a good stab at it once they got over an initial flurry of ‘wx’s. A shame they gave up before getting to the end.
  • PHggARhbMA – 2/10. I definitely don’t want any Figarbma.
  • PHuzARbiMA – 1/10. Even worse. “Fuzarbima anyone?” “No thanks, I’ve just had some.”
  • PHsvARxoMA – 0/10. Oh dear…
  • PHuqARlaMA – 5/10, but only because it sounds like it starts with a rude word. (I could be wrong here and they really are advertising obscene acts with a Llama.)
  • PHnpARcxMA – 0/10. I can’t even begin to pronounce this one.
  • PHsdARdeMA – -2/10. Surely just a monkey bashing on a keyboard to generate this one.

It goes to show the current state of spam success rates that they can’t even afford a decent dictionary. Personally, I think if I feel the need for pills I’m going to stick with going to the local CHeMMixTS.

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