Asadal Korean Restaurant, Holborn

I’m a fan of oriental food generally, so finding something different to the standard Chinese or Thai choices is always welcome. Asadal certainly fits the bill of being different, with food cooked at the table and menu that’s pretty baffling for anyone not familiar with Korean food.

The restaurant doesn’t do a lot to attract passers-by, given it’s signage arrangement which also covers a small newsagent next to Holborn tube station. But then, since they were only just able to fit us in without a reservation I guess they don’t have to. The restaurant itself is in the basement and must be right up against the walls of Holborn tube station. It’s certainly the shortest walk from restaurant to tube I’ve ever had.

Rather than the easy option of a set menu we decided to choose our own selection, which actually meant just picking random things from each part of the menu and hoping it worked itself out. The waiting staff weren’t that helpful in this respect: “Have we ordered enough?” “It depends how much you eat.”, but they did suggest a few extra things to balance the meal out.

As well as some barbecued beef with a selection of vegetables (all cooked inside the table – no, really), we also went for a seafood barbecue (prawns, squid, fish, clams), and also a seafood casserole that caused arguments as to whether it was actually a soup or not. Balancing beef inside lettuce leaves with chopped spring onions and chillies was an entertaining pastime.

It was all good food, though, and the Korean beer tasted just like any other beer so nothing to complain about there. The bill came to £110 between four people, which wasn’t bad at all given the quality of the ingredients and the restaurant itself.

Definitely one to go to again for something a bit different.

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