SEH trip to Paris

The SEH Architects summer party went to Paris this year, and I went along with them. Some pictures below:

Michael is proud of his work on the champagne:

Michael's champagne bottles

Lots of people looked lost even before they’d reached Paris:

Mapreading on the Eurostar

Notre Dame cathedral should be a stable of any Parisian visit set of pictures:

The Eiffel Tower also looked the same as ever so Ann didn’t even need to open her eyes:

French butterflies don’t look a lot different to English ones:

This, and the next few shots, are some museum or other by someone famous. We only looked at the outside.

Although some of the shots do look a lot like the set of Buck Rogers:

It had a wall onto the road that was covered in grass and moss:

French traffic is always great. I particularly like the combination of using national monuments as roundabouts and no road markings:

A rare shot:

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