Edinburgh Festival 2010

I’m just come back from a weekend at the Edinburgh Festival. As I remembered it from the last time, the town gets filled with leafleters and human statues. Standing in the street and advertising “free comedy in half hour” is almost guaranteed to not get me in the door.

But I did get to see a couple of shows:

Kevin Eldon: Titting About

I’m probably as close as it gets to being a  Kevin Eldon fan, based on his many appearances is some quality TV comedies over the years and most exceptionally for his role as the Evil Hypnotist in one Big Train sketch. So, I enjoyed his first stand-up show in a tiny club (holding about 100 people). It was a mixture of character comedy and straight stand-up, with the former being by far the strongest. “My CDs Jump” (a song) was one of the highlights.

Reginald D Hunter: Trophy Nigga

The show started half hour late, apparently because Reg had set his alarm clock wrong. It seemed a believable explanation anyway. All pretty entertaining, though, and his delivery and command of the audience is so natural it’s hard not to enjoy – hence the size of the venue. Not exactly a classic, but certainly well worth it.

Pitch and Putt

Okay, this wasn’t a show, but I did play some pitch and putt for the first time in about 15 years. I wasn’t any worse than I remembered, but then I wasn’t any better either.

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