Cafe Finder Website And App For Cyclists

Halfway Coffee - Cafes for CyclistsI’ve been out riding with the Lea Valley Cycling Club a few times now and the route planner, John, has a good stock of cafes in his head that we can use as drop-off points. The problem is, I’m not always going to be out with the club, and I’m not always out in a part of the country I know.

Now, I might be able to find just any cafe, but it seems that cafes that are welcoming to cyclists have a few special qualities: plenty of space to stash bikes, even if you won’t have a lock with you, generally out of town, and a good selection of high carb food and tea.

There seem to be a few websites that try to list cafes. Cake My Ride is pretty good and BikeHub claims to be, but I couldn’t really find much apart from route finding.

Anyway, of course I decided to build a website myself, and an app to go with it. It’s called Halfway Coffee and you can search for cafes by location or add a new one. The iOS app or Android app show you cafes that are nearby or let you add or rate one that you’re sitting at.

Will anyone apart from me use the app? Possibly, but probably not many. But at least I’ve got no excuse for not being able to find a good cafe stop in the future.

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