Sony Clie and Nokia 6600 bluetooth gprs internet access

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time trying to get internet access from my Sony Clie through a Nokia 6600 mobile phone’s bluetooth connection and have had some minor success but still not been able to get it to work completely. A major break through came with getting infra-red access (taking a step back seemed like the best way to start out) but Bluetooth/Nokia 6600/Sony Clie just don’t seem to like each other very much.

There are rumours about an upgrade to the 6600’s firmware which may improve things, but it doesn’t seem particularly easy to get hold of at the moment: either send your phone away for god knows how many weeks, or try and grab a dodgy copy and do it yourself invalidating the warranty. I think i’ll wait until there’s positive news on it actually fixing the problem first.

The stage I’ve now gotten to is:

  1. Can connect to the internet, e-mail and ssh fine via infra-red.
  2. The Nokia 6600 and Clie are paired via Bluetooth.
  3. Sending files back anf forth between the 6600 and the Clie works fine.
  4. Sending SMS messages from the Clie via Bluetooth works fine.
  5. Can make a connection to the internet via Bluetooth but unable to sustain it for any download. The strangest thing is that I can send e-mails.

A great source for the Palm dial-up script and settings for connecting to Orange can be found here:
Orange/Palm GPRS script

A Palm OS Nokia 6600 phone driver can be downloaded here:

There’s an interesting thread on the matter here: Clie/Nokia 6600 GPRS internet discussion.

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