At last I’ve gotten round to writing something!

Having signed up for blogger back in september 2003 it’s now taken me just over a year to get round to writing a first proper post. A short intro: I’m a director of a web development company called Exponetic based in Bethnal Green, London.

If you haven’t been to Bethnal Green: it’s a marvellous place. Where else could you buy something like this?:

Bethnal Green curiosity

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  1. dear karl yes i agree bethnal green is a colourfull & historical place evan to this day even though i dont live there anymore it still hold true in me the eastender evan after 33 years i still remember bethnal green rd brick lane victoria park fishing in canals ? pie&mash; baigals in brick lne and every where i went as a boy & even after revisting relatives later who still live wishes stephen

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