More London bombs, ho hum

So, we have more disruption resulting from a (luckily) failed attempt to blow up more parts of the tube. It did seem fairly inevitable that there would be a second attempt, as much as it was inevitable that someone or other would eventually manage to pull off the first one (whatever cause they claimed it was in aid of). For me, living with the possibility of a terrorist attack is just something that comes part and parcel with being in London, and I’ve made the choice to stay here that the realisation of that possibility isn’t going to change. After all, statistically the risks are still very small. For some people I can imagine this might tip the balance the other way, though, and I’ve yet to say whether I might find myself cycling in Central London slightly more often. (You never know – there might be more lives saved through people actually getting some exercise!)

If they’re going to keep blowing things up, though, it’s going to start getting really annoying. Hopefully there isn’t an endless supply of idiots who are prepared to strap bombs to their backs, or at least the idiots will carry on being stupid enough to not be able to work their bombs.

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