Crazy golf in Luxembourg

On a recent trip to Luxembourg we spent some time before our flight left for City Airport by playing crazy golf. The players were: Deborah Causton, Susan Engel, Chris Greenway and myself (Karl Bunyan). The scorecards for each of us are below:

Deborah’s scorecard:
Deborah's crazy golf scorecard
Deborah’s total: 86

Susan’s scorecard:
Susan's crazy golf scorecard
Susan’s total: 78

Chris's crazy golf scorecard
Chris’ total: 116

My scorecard:
Chris's crazy golf scorecard
My total: 61

The important fact from all of this is that I won, of course. The golf course wasn’t bad but a few of the holes were really difficult (having to hit perfectly straight up a small mound etc).

The crazy golf course in Luxemourg is somewhere around here