888.com unveils float price range

888, which owns Pacific Poker, is planning to float on the stock market, probably following the succes that Party Poker’s owners (Partygaming) have had. They’ve set a price which values the company at between £546.1m and £714.6m, although there are rumours that it’s cut its valuation following Partygaming’s profit warning.

For anyone looking to invest in them, I’ve pretty much cashed out, taking out $400 of the $530-odd I have in there (pure profit, at least), and have gotten tired of playing the really awful players that seem to frequent there. It was just becoming too random (being called all-in with a pair of queens and having half a dozen king- or ace-rag callers limping in, and then being beaten by someone calling with 10-3 suited making two pair or some such rubbish). I think I’m sticking to Party Poker from now on, except for perhaps the odd venture with my last $100 at Pacific.

Anyway, 888 are now worth $400 less than they were yesterday so I hope they’ve taken that into account in the valuation.

BBC NEWS | Business | 888 unveils float price range

Pacific Poker

Party Poker

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