Warden Abbey Landmark Trust property

I spent last week at Warden Abbey, just outside Old Warden near Bedford (and Biggleswade). It’s a Landmark Trust property for up to five people (one double bedroom, one triple). It’s a great way to spend a weekend too, as long as there’s plenty of coal and wood to keep the fire going.

We took a visit to Bedford Museum (which really isn’t that great, unless you want to see a stuffed vampire bat), but Sunday lunch at the Fox and Hare in Old Warden was very good, although it needs booking about two days in advance.

Here are some photos:

A view of the building from the south:

Warden Abbey from the south

The main room, with fireplace (and Ann):

Warden Abbey main room, with fireplace (and Ann)

One of the chimney stacks:

Warden Abbey chimney

Some information about the abbey in Bedford Museum:

Warden Abbey information in Bedford Museum

It’s possible to get out onto the roof:

Warden Abbey roof hatch

Ann climbing through the hatch:

Ann on Warden Abbey's roof

Jo Lintonbon climbing through the hatch:

Jo Lintonbon on Warden Abbey roof

Bob Blundell on Warden Abbey roof, looking more like The Bob Monster than anything else:

Bob Blundell on Warden Abbey roof

The fire at Warden Abbey:

A Viking ‘fighting’ display at Bedford Museum (this was a special event):

The Landmark Trust website

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