Karl Pilkington – Pilkipedia

Karl Pilkington, from the Ricky Gervais radio show and podcasts, truly is a font of all wisdom. To rival Wikipedia, there’s Pilkipedia.

Some of my favourites:

Seals would probably not be missed if they became extinct, because they are “already between a fish and a dog”. He also fails to see why seals continue to “hang about” in the Arctic – “Why aren’t seals going ‘Do you know what – it’s cold, I’m sick of it here, it’s windy all the time and whathaveyou… and I’m getting a club on the head’?”

Karl believes that because jellyfish are 97% water, we should “give ’em another three percent and make ’em water – it’s more useful”.

He would not like to meet his doppelganger because “how would I know which one I was?”.

Karl Pilkington – Pilkipedia

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  1. I love their logo – karl’s spectacularly round head. I remember hearing in the podcasts how Karl was annoyed with people on message boards saying he was an actor named Graham. I wonder if he reads the Pilkipedia forums…

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