New Telegraph Fantasy Football season

The new Premiership season starts today, and with it the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football. After winning the SEH superleague last season I need a good start.

For the start of the season, my team is:

Player Team Cost
Reina Liverpool 3.6m
J Terry Chelsea 5.0m
N Valente Everton 3.1m
A Gardner Tottenham 3.1
J A Riise Liverpool 4.6m
S Gerrard Liverpool 5.0m
S Davis Portsmouth 2.8m
I Campo Bolton 2.8m
T Henry Arsenal 9.0m
A Cole Man City 5.1m
R van Persie Arsenal 5.6m
Total 49.7m

Gardner’s already out with an injury, so that’s a good start. Otherwise there are a few players I’m not so sure about, including van Persie for Arsenal, Valente for Everton, and most of my midfield except Gerrard.

I think Liverpool are going to have a very good run this season, though, but it’s hard to pick a striker when they don’t really have a single clear choice. Especially now with the news of signing Dirk Kuyt.

Arsenal should be scoring goals but how consistent they are is yet to be seen – they seem to be having another season of upsets already with Cole and Campbell seemingly both upsetting things.

I don’t see Frank Lampard having as good a season as the previous two alongside Ballack; I think Ballack will take goals away, and we also saw in the World Cup how Lampard doesn’t seem to play so well sharing the up-front position. So this is my first season starting without Lampard in the team, which could be a risk.

Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football

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