Riding in Istria – Day 2

Each day started with something I’m very unfamiliar with, which is tempting your horse to come over, stand still and have a head collar put on it. They were surprisingly willing despite just how cack-handed I was about the whole thing. Who knew there were so many ways a few strips of fabric could be wrapped around a horse’s head?


But as the ride started, it was time to continue with Horses In The Distance. Today’s ride was starting flat and then with some steep descents.


This was near the top of the hills and somewhere on the west side of a big loch on the south side of Istria.


The loch had a boat in it. From a distance it looked like a car ferry, but it wasn’t. It just sort of sat there being scenic.


Ann and Patrick’s horses showing us their rear ends.


Ann’s horse being slight more photogenic.


And one more before it found some interesting grass.


Me on Apache looking like we’re prancing about or something. He was remarkably sensitive to a bit of reign communication, though, and one of the few (only?) trail horses I’ve ever ridden that I could imagine taking into a dressage arena.


“How about a photo of both of you?” Valerie suggested. She didn’t say how far apart.


A touch of leg yielding later and I was closing the gap…


…and a bit more…


…and finally I’ve sidled up. Apache looks a little confused.


We had dismounted to descend to water (which was virtually sea) level and then walked around the edge of the loch.


Then it turned out the path meant we had to go through the water.


Which some of the horses liked, but some of them didn’t appreciate not being able to see their feet.


Which is of course why Apache felt it better to leave a safe distance to those in front.


This isn’t another installment of Horses In The Distance – it’s just the view where we stopped for lunch. It was a little cool in the shade but the sun was quite warm.


Back on the horses, and back to the back for me.


And finally Apache senses the end of the day is coming.


And Ann’s horse celebrated with a bit of a snooze.

As did we all much later, although we stayed the night in a different location. I can’t remember the name of the place, but we probably had the best meal of our week there, and it was followed by a lot of local grappa-esque liqueurs made from nuts or honey or wheat type things or anything basically.

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