Riding in Istria – Day 3

There are very few photos of day 3’s riding because it rained too much. The forecast was awful, but it didn’t really chuck it down and maybe rained for ninety minutes of the time we were on the horses. Still, at the start of the day there was a sense that nobody really wanted to be there, including the horses, and I told myself that if anybody was going to have an accident then today was it.

That premonition turned out to be correct, but thankfully without serious consequences as Patricia’s horse had a bit of water run-off collapse under it’s hoof whilst trotting and she and it began to slide down the bank. Much panicking later it was finally back up on its feet and eating grass, and Patricia had managed to “dismount” before the worst of it happened, but I think for all of us it’s the day we could do without remembering.

Still, we had a nice dinner at the end of it.


A brief stop to rest ours and the horse’s legs


The river we rode alongside. Usually I think we’d be cantering and galloping here but the run-off from the hills had made the ground far too wet. It was somewhere along here where bad things happened, and I expect it was after this point as from there I was so on my guard against anything I doubt I’d be riding with a camera in one hand.

The rain had stopped by the time we reached our accommodation, which was to be our second (and final) night away from “base”. It was an amazing location, but by that stage all we wanted to do was to shower, change into dry clothes and sit in front of the fire. So, unfortunately, I only have a couple of photos of the place, and you’ll have to look at the next day’s post to see them.

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