Fantasy football league team

We’re at second in an office Telegraph’s fantasy football league at the
moment, which is pretty good, but one of the directors is in the lead
and apparently has won for the past two years. Our fantasy football team
consists of:

  • Goalkeeper:
    • J Lehmann (Arsenal)
  • Defenders:

    • W Bridge (Chelsea)
    • A Cole (Arsenal)
    • J Carragher (Liverpool)
    • F Queudrue (Middlesborough)
  • Midfield:

    • F Lampard (Chelsea)
    • F Ljungberg (Arsenal)
    • C Ronaldo (Manchester United)
  • Strikers:

    • N Anelka (Manchester City)
    • J Beattie (Southampton)
    • JF Hasselbaink (Middlesborough)

Now the team is doing fairly well, and our defence and midfield are
doing very well, but we’re still having trouble with consistent
goalscorers. Beattie started the season well but Southampton don’t seem
to be on the move (expect downwards) so I’m in two minds about him. Both
Anelka and Hasselbaink have had spurts of scoring well, but we’re still
not getting the striking points we need. Suggestions welcome…

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