Night out at Paolina’s, Chris Greenway’s party

The ‘sad people that all met through a mailing list’ (that includes me) met up on Friday night, and Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon… pretty intense. It largely revolved around alchohol consumption, and that even tempted Paul down from Newcastle, a place that I had not previously associated with alchohol shortages but he must be desperate.

The full list of attendees at Paolina’s were:

  • Paul J White
  • Chris Greenway
  • Susan Engel
  • Dave Edwards
  • Nick B
  • Neelesh Sonaware

Paolina’s is an excellent (small) Thai place just a few doors down from King’s Cross Thameslink station.

There were a whole load of other people at the party but I can’t be bothered to list them.

Photos are all below. These were all taken from Paul’s camera.

Me and Susan, in Paolina’s:

Paul and Dave:

Me, with beer:


Nick B:


Me and Susan, again:

Neelesh’s tongue:

Me and Susan, yet again:

Neelesh, again:

Nick B said he was depressed. I believed him:

Chris Greenway, at his party:

Ann and Susan, at the same party:

Chris again:

Ann, at the party:

Me, at the British Museum on Sunday:

Paolina’s restaurant

Paolina’s is here

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